Survey: Bulgarians believe that state of democracy is deteriorating

Most Bulgarians rely on the intervention of European institutions in the country's internal problems, according to a study by the Sova Harris agency in November. 60% of the respondents share the main conclusion in the resolution of the European..

published on 11/22/20 12:37 PM
Assoc. Prof. Lyubomir Kirov

The spread of the pandemic will slow down with better testing

The rapid identification of infected persons will slow down the spread of the coronavirus, Assoc. Prof. Lyubomir Kirov, chairman of the National Association of General Practitioners, told the BNR. Kirov called on people not to resort to "amateur..

published on 11/22/20 11:53 AM

The healthcare system in Bulgaria is functioning beyond breaking point

Amid surging Covid-19 statistics, appeals for strict observance of the anti-coronavirus measures so as to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed, a tragic occurrence in front of the university hospital in Bulgaria’s second biggest city, Plovdiv,..

published on 11/20/20 1:33 PM

High-school students from Bulgaria’s Shumen win international competition for best video in Village Corner

Students from the foreign-language high school in the city of Shumen (northeastern Bulgaria) have won the award for best video in the international project "Village Corner". The aim of the initiative is to encourage cooperation between..

published on 11/20/20 1:03 PM
Associate Professor Angel Kunchev

Bulgaria ranks third in Europe in terms of Covid-19 mortality

According to data collected in the past two weeks, Bulgaria already ranks third in Europe in terms of Covid-19 mortality and 13 th in terms of morbidity, this country’s Chief State Health Inspector Associate Professor Angel..

published on 11/19/20 2:55 PM

Noble act of a police officer gives optimism in times of pandemic

For most people, the appearance of a police officer in front of their home is something to worry about. It is mostly expected that the police will be looking for you only if you did something wrong and broke the law. In the current pandemic..

published on 11/19/20 1:11 PM

Smoking and air pollution increase risk of Covid-19

Satellite images of air pollution levels over Europe provide evidence of the connection between dirty air and the severity of the Covid-19 infection. “The zones with higher pollution levels coincide with great precision with the places where..

published on 11/19/20 1:04 PM

Indiscriminate use of antibiotics is becoming a global threat

The large-scale misuse of antibiotics during the coronavirus pandemic could lead to a catastrophe called antimicrobial resistance. The head of the Bulgarian office of the World Health Organization, Dr. Skender Sila, warned about this. His statement came..

published on 11/18/20 5:01 PM

Pandemic in Bulgaria – chronology and updates

It has been nearly a year since the first case of Covid-19 was registered in China and experts around the world are still thinking about various measures to limit the spread of the virus. When the state of emergency was declared in Bulgaria in..

published on 11/17/20 5:26 PM

What Bulgarians living in the UK can expect after Brexit

When in the 1990s he arrived in Great Britain for a student summer job, he loved it so much that he made up his mind to go back and try his luck in Britain. Now, Atanas Chikov is one of the most active Bulgarians in the UK turning his..

published on 11/17/20 2:11 PM