Healthcare authorities propose new measures to contain Covid-19

Currently, the Bulgarian hospitals bear the full burden of the crisis, this country’s Chief State Health Inspector Dr. Angel Kunchev said at a briefing at the Ministry of Health building. Only three Bulgarian districts have..

published on 11/5/20 1:23 PM

Foreign students on Bulgaria and academic life here

Even in the year in which thousands of tourist reservations from abroad have been cancelled due to the danger of spreading the coronavirus, Bulgaria still remains an attractive destination for young people who come here to gain knowledge in..

published on 11/4/20 1:05 PM

Distance or in-class learning in Bulgaria- that is the question

Is it dangerous to go to school? This topic has been under consideration since the beginning of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Bulgaria. 30.68% of all PCR tests performed in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours returned positive...

published on 11/3/20 2:45 PM

Bulgarian schoolchildren use cloud technologies in class

“We do not only learn our lessons in different subjects. We experience them!” – students from the Second English Language School “Thomas Jefferson” in Sofia contend. The Second English Language School has been a Google reference school for..

published on 11/3/20 12:15 PM

Kalin Vasilev or how “one swallow does a summer make”

Health through exercise – this is the cause of the young enlightener. With his enthusiasm he has succeeded in involving thousands from all over Bulgaria in his initiative. What do we know about him? 37-year old Kalin from Veliko Tarnovo gave..

published on 11/2/20 1:57 PM

November 1 is also the Day of Bulgarian Journalism

On November 1, the Day of Bulgarian Journalism is traditionally marked. It has been celebrated since 1907 on the day of the church holiday of Sts. Cosmas and Damyan, patron saints of the first journalistic association in Bulgaria - the Society of..

published on 11/1/20 5:10 AM

Bulgarian secondary school students are in the world natural sciences elite

“It is only natural for China and India to win gold medals at physics and astrophysics Olympiads, after all 20% of the world’s population lives there, but it is supernatural for small Bulgaria to be right there, next to them...

published on 10/31/20 9:35 AM

Bulgarian in Italy creates tales for compatriot children around the world

Bulgarians are adaptive people; they can live and work anywhere in the world. But this does not prevent them from feeling nostalgia for the "lost" homeland and they are always looking for Bulgarian things, whether it is about..

published on 10/31/20 9:05 AM

Balkan Developments

North Macedonian leaders: Macedonian language and identity cannot be negotiated The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, said claims that Macedonian language and nation had Bulgarian roots were "unacceptable", BGNES reported. "We..

published on 10/30/20 1:09 PM

Bulgaria urgently needs more plasma donors to help treat Covid-19

The breakneck increase in the number of people infected with Covid-19 in Bulgaria has brought a series of problems to the fore. The lack of medical staff has become evident. The Covid-19 units are reaching their full capacity and medics are..

published on 10/30/20 11:54 AM