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A day in pictures

| updated on 8/15/19 3:38 PM

By tradition, on today’s great Christian holiday – The Dormition of the Holy Virgin, hundreds of citizens of Haskovo came to the chapel in the base of the large monument of the Holy Mother. This is the highest monument of the Holy Mother with Christ in the entire world.  Photos: BTA

Prominent American concert pianist Mark Damisch, who has performed in over 70 countries across the world, arrived for the first time in Bulgaria. Last night he gave an open-air concert in the pedestrian zone of Sofia’s Vitosha Boulevard. Today his concert will be staged at Boris Hristov Museum at 6:00pm. Entrance is again free of charge thanks to the support of Sofia Municipality and the Embassy of the USA in Bulgaria.  Photos: @USEmbassySofia

A rich funeral from the 14th century, of an unknown until now Bulgarian aristocrat by the name of Georgi Paleolog, was unearthed on the territory of the archeological reserve at Cape Kaliakra. The discovery was made during regular excavations conducted on the site by the team of the Director of the National Museum of History – Associate Professor Bonny Petrunova. The most impressive object among the funeral gifts is a ring of massive gold, which discloses the name and the high position of its owner – relative to the Paleologs and probably ruler of the Despotate of Dobrudzha (or the Principality of Karvuna), whose capital Kaliakra was in the second half of the 14th century.  Photo: BGNES

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Bulgaria in Pictures

Haskovo, the Cathedral of the Assumption. The temple meets the forthcoming patron day (August 15) with fully renovated façade paintings. The temple was built in 1837.   Photo: BTA

published on 8/13/20 4:31 PM

Bulgaria in Pictures

Burgas Bay, the 20 th edition of the prestigious International Regatta “Cor Caroli”. This year the event is taking place in the period August 12 through15 along the route Burgas – Sveti Vlas – Varna.   Photo: BTA

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Bulgaria in Pictures

Sofia, Pancharevo Lake – the ideal time for the training of young rowing sports contestants.   Photo: BGNES

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