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A day in pictures

| updated on 8/19/19 3:56 PM

Hundreds of followers of the philosophy of Peter Deunov from across Bulgaria and from abroad gathered, this year again, by the Bubreka Lake (one of the Seven Rila Lakes) in Rila Mountain, to meet their spiritual New Year. August 19 is the most important day in the calendar of Deunov’s followers, who mark today the 90th anniversary since Peter Deunov first took his students to meet the sunrise, performing together the spiritual dance of Paneurhythmy. Photo: BTA

As of today Bulgaria has one more centenarian! The newest member of the Honorary Club is Dobra Shubelieva from the village of Nikolovo, Haskovo region. She celebrates her 100th birthday in the company of her two daughters and overall of 11 grand-children, great-grand-children and great-great- grand-children. According to latest data from the National Statistical Institute, by the end of 2018 the number of centenarians in this country was 203. The average longevity in Bulgaria is 74.8 years.  Photo: BTA

After a pause of 10 years, the national closed circuit motor racing championship “Pista Sofia” (Sofia Track) took place last week-end. Besides the competition in the different categories, the fans of motor sports could enjoy a shoe programme of safety driving skills. Special focus was given to the “Mission Zero” campaign, aiming at reducing the number of road incidents in the country.  Photo: BTA

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