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Skepticism in Bulgaria prevails after 30 years of transition

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Three quarters of the Bulgarians agree with the phrase “This country has gone to the dogs”, a survey of Gallup International about the popular clichés in Bulgaria shows. Over 70% of the respondents say that the transition period has not ended. 42% of the Bulgarians share the opinion that “the situation in Bulgaria will never improve”. Three quarters of the Bulgarians agree with the words that “the mentality of the Bulgarians is bad”. 54% of the respondents think “all politicians are laughingstock” and that “democracy took a lot away from us”. 45% of the Bulgarians contend that “they lived better under the old regime”. The clichés- “This country has gone to the dogs”, “all politicians are laughingstock” and “We lived better during Zhivkov’s regime” are rejected by the supporters of the government. The young Bulgarians are most optimistic- they categorically disagree with the cliché- “the situation in Bulgaria will never improve”.

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