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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is firm that "Macedonian language" is Bulgarian dialect

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Photo: Ani Petrova

The management of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) has disagreed with the adopted "Charter of the Macedonian Language" by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The charter constructed historical and linguistic arguments in defense of the official language of the Republic of North Macedonia as a separate one from Bulgarian, defined in Skopje as "Macedonian". The document has provoked very serious scientific objections, so it was discussed by the leadership of BAS and the Institute of Bulgarian Language, as well as the Cyril and Methodius Scientific Center and the Institute for Historical Research.

We believe that Skopje's position is false, unacceptable and damaging to relations between the two neighboring countries. BAS's position remains unchanged - the official language in the Republic of North Macedonia is a written regional form of the Bulgarian language, it was stated

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