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Petar Yordanov-Buny presents his first solo album Bunyverse

Petar Yordanov-Buny is among the founders of large ethno world projects, including Oratnitza, Drums and Bagpipes, Windoo, Two man Orchestra and MyStory of Folklore. Recently, he released his first author’s album named Bunyverse. It includes 16 pieces, including author’s songs. The music fans can enjoy bravely combined elements of Bulgarian folklore, African sounding, eastern motifs and electronic ambient sounding. Petar Yordanov himself has more about the album:

I want to bring tranquility to people and myself with my music. I tried to make my pieces sound nice and relaxing. I invited some guest musicians to take part in some of them such as Valentina Dobreva from the Drums and Bagpipes orchestra. We made two Rhodope songs for the album with her. We performed another Rhodope song with singer Teodora Vasileva. I have been working with Konstantin Kuchev (violin, viola and vocals) for a long time and I included three of our joint pieces in the project. Svetlana Vasileva (vocals), Sanji (hand drum), Viktor Marinov from Vataff Project, DJ Nevahrest from My Story of Folklore project and Magdalena Petrovic (cello) also take part at the Bunyverse album. I wanted to let the music breathe in the Bunyverse album and avoid using too many elements and the piece Rhodope Astronomer proves that. There is no Kaba-bagpipe in this song, but the piece was recorded in a music studio in the Rhodopes. The atmosphere of this magical place has been conveyed to the pieces through different, yet little popular music instruments such as kalimba-African percussion instrument, oval (a digital version of the hand drum/hand pan), wave drum, and cajon (Peruan box-shaped percussion instrument).

Recently Petar Yordanov-Buny faced a new challenge- to work with children:

I have been organizing the so-called drum circle for several years now. Drum circle is any group of musicians playing percussion instruments in a circle. To me this is an entertaining and educational activity. I collected various interesting music instruments from different continents over the years. When I meet people who have interests in music, I teach them play different music rhythms from different cultures. Meanwhile, I was invited to do similar activities with children. The first event took place at a summer camp in the Elena Balkan Range last summer. After spending four weeks with the children, I liked the idea a lot and realized that I should develop in this direction. Last week a kindergarten contacted me as well. Me and my friend Deyan Petrov (percussions) worked with children aged between 4 and 6. I view this as a big challenge, because I do not have a pedagogical degree. In the beginning, I did not know the right approach when it comes to communicating with children. However, I do my best and organize the lessons with lots of love. Children get distracted quickly and the two of us have to change the plot to keep their attention. Their reactions are very sincere and they show immediately what they like or dislike. It turned out that the child audience is the most difficult one.

Petar Yordanov-Buny is planning to present his album Bunyverse in Bulgaria with concerts in most big cities and in the summer of 2020, he will participate at various festivals suitable for this type of non-commercial music.

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