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Intriguing artifacts tell the story of tobacco production and tobacco in Bulgaria

Photo: botevgrad.com

The museum of history in Botevgrad is playing host to a visiting exhibition, dedicated to the most widespread of all human vices – smoking.

The exhibits are property of the museum of history in Gorna Oryahovitsa, and the exhibition called “Tobacco, Snuff & Co.” is part of the series “Vices”. Two more exhibitions from the same series are dedicated to alcohol and wrapping, as well as confectionary and coffee. Interest in the three collections is running high, there have even been inquiries about them from a museum in Dresden. The exposition “Tobacco, Snuff & Co.” displays more than 200 items and souvenirs, among them ceramic pipes, cigarette-holders, cigarette cases, different kinds of cigarettes, lighters and matchboxes collected from different parts of Bulgaria, as well as donations by people from Gorna Oryahovitsa. Archive photographs acquaint visitors with the history of tobacco production in this country, which continues to be a main source of income for thousands of Bulgarians.

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