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Bulgarian infectologist: Actual mortality rate from COVID-19 is much lower

Atanas Mangarov
Photo: Kiril Chobanov

The actual number of people infected by the new coronavirus in Bulgaria is ten times higher that the number of COVID-19 cases announced until now, infectologist Atanas Mangarov, who is a member of the medical council set up to assist the Bulgarian government to deal with the COVID-19 crisis told the Bulgarian National Radio.

The actual mortality rate is very low, because the current mortality which fluctuates between 2% and 4% is calculated on the basis of proven cases only. If we take into consideration the unexamined COVID-19 cases which went without symptoms, mortality rate will be much lower. We can assume that the number of COVID-19 deaths in Bulgaria will be between 100 and 200, which happens each year during the flu epidemic. The Bulgarian infectologist shares the thesis that the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in Bulgaria will be at the end of April and the beginning of May.

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