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Children’s hero awards to be announced on 1 June

Photo: National Natwork for Children

The National Network for Children, an amalgamation of almost 150 civic organizations for children and families in this country, is to award the “Golden Apple” awards for the 10th year running. The award is for contribution to children’s rights and welfare.

“Over the years dozens of children’s heroes have been awarded – hospitals, municipalities, journalists, organizations - who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make the lives of children and families better,” Maria Brestnichka, network development director at the National Network for Children said for the BNR’s Radio Sofia channel.

13 nominees are competing for the prestigious distinction “Children’s hero”, and 10 organizations from different towns in the country have been nominated in the new category “Children’s organization”.

“In fact, all nominees are heroes. And we are proud to say that their number has been growing with every passing year, i.e. more and more people want to tell the story of someone who has changed the lives of the children he knows,” Maria Brestnichka says.

The winners will be announced at an online ceremony on Children’s Day, 1 June.

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