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Plate depicting Pencho Semov is Gabrovo Regional Museum of History exhibit of the month

Photo: @regionalhistoricalmuseumGabrovo

A “Pencho Ivanov Semov charity foundation” plate is the cultural item of the month for July of the Regional Museum of History in Gabrovo. Pencho Semov, an industrialist with a major contribution to the industrialization of Gabrovo, is depicted in the centre of the ornately decorated plate; on his chest is his signature.

The dish was manufactured from 1943 until 1945, and was part of dinner sets depicting Semov, or with his signature. They were manufactured by the porcelain factory in Vidin for social centres and institutions, which the entrepreneur supported financially – orphanages, a church, a girl’s boarding school, a children’s colony, a sanatorium, a boys’ boarding school etc. Many of the dining sets manufactured are still in the possession of families in Gabrovo, whose ancestors attended the funeral of the industrialist Pencho Semov on 10 July 75 years ago, to which thousands flocked. More about Pencho Semov here.

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