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Tensions escalate downtown Sofia as citizens march out in protest

Sofia centre has been blocked by protests
Photo: BGNES

Clashes took place between supporters and opponents of the government and President Rumen Radev at around 8.30 pm during two parallel protests held in front of the presidency and the Council of Ministers in central Sofia. The rapid reaction of the security forces prevented the gathering of the two beams of protesters. However, several people were arrested.

At 20:50, the protesting citizens marched to Orlov Most (Eagle's Bridge), and an hour later they returned to the area between the Council of Ministers and the Presidency, where at 22:30 protesters continue chanting with demands for the resignation of the cabinet.

Meanwhile, the ruling GERB party issued a statement calling on President Rumen Radev and political figures who sided with him in the protests to take political responsibility for the "vandalism" and the attacks on the buses that were supposed to take home GERB supporters and party members.

In response, the President's Office came out with a statement that "the government owes an explanation to the entire nation for the rampant corruption and its failed governance." The Presidency called on citizens not to show aggression in any case.

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