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76 years since September 9, 1944- a controversial date in Bulgaria’s history

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Until 31 years ago, September 9 was celebrated as a national holiday in Bulgaria and a turning point that brought the Bulgarian Communist Party to power. Today, the older generations remain divided in their assessments of the communist regime introduced in this country after September 9, 1944, while the younger people remain disorientated and uninterested in this historical date.

The Military coup of September 9 made during the invasion of the Red Army was tacitly supported by the ruling political elite which was desperately seeking a way out of the raging World War 2. The cabinet headed by Konstantin Muraviev stepped down and a government of the Fatherland Front headed by Kimon Georgiev assumed office. At 6.30 am. the radio broadcasted the speech of the new Prime Minister. The golden archives of the Bulgarian National Radio keeps the memories of Dr. Petar Dertliev from that morning. You can find more details about the events of this period of Bulgaria’s history in the publication: 1944- the year that changed the course of Bulgarian history

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