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Financial expert Dino Dionne: Bulgaria is not third-world country

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“Bulgaria is far from a poor country”, financial expert Dino Dionne commented on the American platform Quora in response to the question “Why countries like Bulgaria and Romania are so poor after the fall of Communism?” “If you compare an average American, approximately 59% own their homes as the majority are financed through mortgages. In Bulgaria 95% of the people own their homes”, Dino Dionne points out. The expert mentions other advantages for Bulgarian people, including free healthcare, social benefits and low taxes, BGNES informs.

Dino Dionne was born in the city of Plovdiv (Central South Bulgaria). He is of Greek descent. He emigrated to America in the 1990’s.

In Dino Dionne’s view, Bulgaria is not a third-world country and there are no third-world countries in Europe. Europe is not a wild place without electricity and sewerage system. However, Bulgarians are to blame for their negative image abroad, Dino Dionne adds.

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