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A look at New Year’s traditions for health and prosperity

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We are sending off a difficult year, full of unexpected events and changes. In isolation or simply observing social distancing, whether or not theyagree with the measures against the as yet new virus, people are thinking about the future, hoping for better prospects

We, Bulgarians, invariably turn to customs and rituals from the distant past, all the more so on holidays or in difficult moments. We often wonder why this is so. Maybe we want to feel the spirit of the patriarchal way of life, which seems much more orderly in terms of its value system. Or we do it in the hope that the rituals our ancestors believed in will be at least a little bit helpful to us, too.

On the last day of the old year, Radio Bulgaria reminds you of the beliefs and customs associated with crossing the border between the outgoing and the incoming year. You will learn what Bulgarians used to put on the festive New Year’s eve table which should be plentiful and rich, what is the difference between the carol singers (koledari) and the survakari, as well as other important moments of the folklore holiday. 

Read more in the publication "Crossing over from the old to the new year" from the archives of Radio Bulgaria.

Edited by Albena Bezovska

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