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"Reflector" – new audio-visual project by composer Dimitar Bodurov

Photo: "Reflector"

People and pandemic is the main topic in "Reflector" - the new project by Dimitar Bodurov. The famous jazz pianist, composer and producer realizes it together with his brother – trumpet player Neyko Bodurov. Their idea is to convey the reflections of the pandemic, turning the positions of people of different ages and social groups into a kind of experimental opera. In the summer of 2020, when the measures were eased and we still thought that we would quickly return to our previous existence, Bulgarian society began to form different opinions about the actions of the government, health authorities, etc. This led to protests and tensions between the government and the "street".

"I thought that in this difficult situation for everyone we need to listen to each other with the greatest possible tolerance. I decided to involve the audience as a participant in this experiment, to give voice to human thoughts and feelings through video stories provided by different people. They can share a dance, a song, a story of how they felt at the beginning of the pandemic, how they feel now and how they imagine the future. I will combine these videos and write the music to them. What we are interested in is having a colorful palette of participants in order to achieve maximum objectivity. Currently we have a dozen participants but we expect other people to become part of this art project. I thought of doing it in the Netherlands where I live and where the project would be quite successful. But at it first stage, I prefer the project to be in Bulgarian and to focus on experiences of the Bulgarians."

Who are the musicians who will present the project and on which stage? And why does the author call it an opera?

"I imagine the final product presented on a big stage with two or three screens as all the videos will play the role of protagonists in this virtual opera. We are to play live together with Neiko, Ivan Shopov (electronics), as well as a chamber string orchestra. I like this dialogue between the real and the virtual because it reflects our "new reality". I want it to be something like a movie, something like an opera, but the focus will be on music. I think the concert should end with a real aria performed on stage. I don't follow the rules but I want to do something that is convincing enough and tells a story. Yes, this is not an opera in the conventional sense; there will be no people singing, but shared human stories will be turned into music. Actually, in modern opera great freedom exists.”

"Reflector" will be presented in August in the framework of the Radar Festival in Varna. The artists have received support from the Creative Initiatives Program of the Ministry of Culture and the municipality of Varna.

"We organize Radar Festival together with Svetlozara Hristova and this year it is its eighth edition. The festival is progressive and different and has found a place on the Bulgarian stage. We present music projects related to other types of art - dance, video, theater, everything that cannot fit within the concept of a regular concert. Of course, we have also organized concerts, but we have been looking for something different, something that cannot be seen and heard on other stages.”

English: Alexander Markov

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