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Writer Georgi Gospodinov receives another international award

Georgi Gospodinov
Photo: personal archive

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov received the award of the "Usedom Literary Days" Festival, BNR’s "Horizont" program. The literary forum is named after the Baltic Sea island of Usedom, divided between Germany and Poland. The award is presented in support of the "European dialogue on history and the present".

According to the jury, presided by Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk, Georgi Gospodinov is a significant and unique voice of European literature. “His work - fragmentary, full of melancholy and poignancy - draws on the best traditions of Central European prose with its irrepressible need to uncover successive layers of human experience.” the statement of the jury for presenting the award to one of the most popular contemporary Bulgarian writers reads.

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