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Once known as the Little Vienna, its architecture and location on the Danube are a magnet for visitors

Bulgaria's city of Ruse celebrates its holiday

Ruse State Opera
Photo: Library

May 6 has been the official holiday of the Bulgarian city of Ruse on the Danube since 2002. The city was known as the "Little Vienna" after Bulgaria's Liberation from the Ottoman Rule in 1878 and today it is the fifth largest city in this country. 

On the occasion of its official holiday, in front of the Ruse Opera House, young people from Ruse will be able to join the educational tour of National Geographic KIDS. History will come to life and bring back the spirit of old Ruse in the City Garden, near the Monument of Freedom, where the open-air performance "Retro Ruse" will be presented. Scenes of the life of Ruse residents from the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century will be skillfully recreated by artists and musicians from the Ruse Opera and Puppet Theatre, as well as by students from high schools in art, tourism and clothing in the city. Citizens and guests will have the opportunity to enjoy sweets, coffee, beer and lemonade the way it was done in the past.

Regional Museum of History in Ruse

On the occasion of the Day of Bravery, a tray presented by the people of Ruse to the first Bulgarian Knyaz Alexander I back in June 1879 has arrived in the city.

The musicians from the Ruse Big Band conducted by Dimcho Rubchev will present the premiere of their new program at 5 pm. At 8 pm a concert of rock bands Explicit, PlayUphoria, Slipstream and M.I.G. 21, will take place on the square in front of the municipality.

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