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Skopje hinders the restoration of Bulgarian military monuments

Monument to Colonel Konstantin Kavarnaliev
Photo: BGNES

We want to erect military monuments on the territory of North Macedonia, but the talks are difficult, said Ivo Antonov from the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence for the Horizon program of the Bulgarian National Radio. The problems are not due to Bulgaria's inaction, but to the obstacles created by Skopje, the expert commented, recalling that 175,000 Bulgarians died for Macedonia's freedom.

What we do there, every single monument, every single stone is a great achievement, accomplished with a lot of work and diplomatic efforts, Antonov stressed.
A serious success is the restoration of the fountain, a monument to Colonel Konstantin Kavarnaliev, who died in 1913, saving the population of Doiran. Antonov points out that the monument has been restored by local Macedonian craftsmen and companies, which shows that the problem is not with the people, but with the authorities.

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