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NATO unity is vital for Bulgaria

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Preserving Euro-Atlantic values ​​and the unity of NATO is vital for Bulgaria, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Svetlan Stoev, said during the video conference "Preparing for NATO 2030", organized by the Atlantic Club. He pointed out that the Alliance recently supported Bulgaria's hosting of NATO's naval coordination in the Black Sea.

The acting Minister of Defense Georgi Panayotov pointed out that the main challenges NATO faced were related to Russia and the terrorist threat against the common Atlantic values.

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană pointed out that when speaking of the Black Sea region, the main challenges were related to Russia. “We have long seen a pattern of aggressive behaviour from Russia, including its forces in Georgia, the illegal annexation of Crimea and ongoing violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is now using Crimea to project power into the Black Sea, and way beyond the Black Sea, towards the Mediterranean and Northern Africa. We must stay vigilant, especially in light of its recent and considerable military build-up in the region,” Mircea Geoană said.

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