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Photo exhibition in Sofia tells about relations between Bulgaria and Denmark

A photo exhibition in the City Garden downtown Sofia draws our attention to 90 years of relations between Bulgaria and Denmark. The exhibition focuses on the letter of King Frederick VIII of Denmark to Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand, informing the latter that he receives a Danish order and containing the credentials of the first Danish ambassador based in Sofia. We can also see a number of photographs from the official visit of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in Bulgaria back in October 2000.

Bulgaria established diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Denmark on April 17, 1931. Trade activity between the two countries is among the important indicators that shows the activity of bilateral contacts. According to the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, trade balance with Denmark in 2020 was positive. Exports rose by 6.6%, totaling over 342 million euros, while imports also rose by 2.4% (EUR 147.9 million). The leading positions in Bulgarian exports to Denmark are occupied by motorcycles and bicycles with auxiliary engine, furniture and elements for pipelines, boilers, etc. Bulgaria imports mainly medicines and food products from Denmark.

Taking into account the need to reduce Bulgaria's energy dependence, this country is interested in attracting Danish investments related to renewable energy sources. And this is no accident as Denmark is one of the leading EU Member States in terms of technological innovation in the use of biomass and wind energy, as well as in the cogeneration of electricity and heat.

In recent years and especially before the pandemic Denmark has become an active partner of Bulgaria in the sphere of tourism. Danish tourists are interested in tourism at the seaside, but also participate in thematic trips to Bulgaria, as well as in spa and cultural tourism.

According to the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about 10,000 Bulgarian citizens reside in Denmark. Statistics from the Ministry of Education show that there are no Bulgarian Sunday schools in Denmark, but there are societies aimed at preserving Bulgarian language and culture.

We can learn more about the history of diplomatic relations between the two countries from the exhibition in the Sofia City Garden which continues from June 7 to June 21.

Editor: Elena Karkalanova

English: Alexander Markov

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