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Caretaker cabinet to introduce new eco stickers for cars

Photo: BGNES

Bulgaria is to introduce the new eco-stickers for cars on July 12 - one day after the early Parliamentary elections. This will increase the price of the annual road worthiness tests by EUR 5 to 10. The eco sticker will be placed on the windshield of the vehicle. Thus, on days with bad air quality, the municipal authorities will be able to restrict the movement of high-emmission cars.

"This environmental measure is very important. It will make the annual road worthiness tests a bit more expensive- by an extra 25 euro cents per month ", said Bulgaria’s caretakewr Minister of Transport Georgi Todorov in an interview for Nova TV ". Minister Todorov added that he was not planning to delay or suspend the introduction of the eco-sticker, because of the forthcoming early general elections.

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