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Bulgaria in pictures

Photo: Krasimir Martinov​

Pomorie – one of Bulgaria’s preferred seaside destinations

With its 9 kilometres of beaches, Pomorie has all kinds of attractions to offer holidaymakers – from beach parties to complete solitude

The architectural reserve “The old houses” is a favourite spot with tourists

 Photographs: Krasimir Martinov

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Bulgaria in pictures

During the holidays in Bulgaria many tourists paid a visit to “Trayanovi Vrata” Fortress ( Gates of Trajan ). The fortress, included in "The 100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria", is located about 60 kilometers south of Sofia, near the "Trakia"..

published on 5/25/21 3:23 PM

Bulgaria in pictures

Bulgaria marks the Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius and of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture. Citizens and representatives of public and local authorities laid flowers to the Monument of the holy brothers St. St. Cyril..

published on 5/24/21 11:39 AM

Bulgaria in pictures

On the eve of the Day of Bulgarian Letters and Culture, the Sofia City Library has presented a donation from the Archives State Agency - the personal library of the prominent Bulgarian writer, historiographer, publicist, diplomat and intellectual Simeon..

published on 5/21/21 6:19 PM