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Bulgaria Today – July 20, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” this Tuesday you can learn the latest news from the country.

- You can also hear an interview with therapist Dr. Ognyan Dimov who talks about the fears accumulated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

- Find out more about short-lived governments and the factors that cause economic stagnation.

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Bulgaria Today – September 6, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Monday, September 6,we celebrate Bulgaria’s National Day of Unification.  Instead of the regular summary of the news we offer you a glimpse of a turbulent yet glorious page in Bulgarian history – the end of the 19 th century..

published on 9/6/21 6:00 PM

Bulgaria Today – August 30, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Monday, August 30, we bring you, first, the latest news stories from this country.  Next on the show: The Delta variant of coronavirus is now dominant in Bulgaria . Finally, our music slot, this time – the Sofia..

published on 8/30/21 6:00 PM

Who were the people that hosted the first international radio broadcasts?

Back in the 1930’s, prominent Bulgarian and foreign intellectuals authored and hosted the first international programmes, broadcast on the airwaves of the Bulgarian National Radio.  For instance, Georges Milchev, editor at La Parole..

published on 8/28/21 9:05 PM