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8.3% of daily coronavirus tests return positive result


A total of 496 coronavirus cases have been registered for a day after 6,002 tests, according to data from the Single Coronavirus Information Portal. 8.3% of the tests returned positive result. 57 people or 11.5% of the newly infected had been vaccinated. Most new cases are in Sofia - 102, in Varna - 48 and in Burgas - 31, while in Shumen there are no new cases.

There are 5,078 patients in hospital as 418 of them are in intensive care. 8.5% of recently hospitalized patients were vaccinated. 40 people passed away as 4 of them had been vaccinated. 540 people recovered. The number of active cases has reached 42,325. Yesterday, 1,513 coronavirus vaccines were administered and with them the total number has reached 2,508,560. A total of 1,309,000 people have completed the immunization cycle.

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