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On the Saturday before Archangel's Day we honour the memory of the dead

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On November 6, the Orthodox Church and the laity celebrate the Archangel's All Soul’s Day - a day on which we pay homage the memory of the dead. This day is always on the first Saturday before Archangel's Day /November 8/, as Saturday in the Orthodox calendar is designated as the day of the dead.

In every Orthodox church a memorial liturgy for the dead is held on this day, a prayer for the souls of the dead is read and a candle is lit. The relatives of the deceased visit their grave, pour wine over it, incense it, and then distribute wheat and food to those present for "God forgive the dead souls." Wheat symbolizes the resurrection; bread and wine remind us of Christ's sacrifice for the salvation of mankind. Archangel's All Souls’ Day is the last one for the year

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