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Weather forecast for Bulgaria for 29 May 2022

Intermittent showers, thunderstorms expected on Sunday

Photo: BGNES

Tomorrow, May 29, mainly over Western and Northern Bulgaria  cumulonimbus clouds  and in many places there will be short-term precipitation, in places intense and significant in quantity and with thunderstorms and hail. 

Maximum temperatures will range from 22 °C in the extreme northwestern regions to 32 °C in places in southern Bulgaria.

It will be mostly sunny along the Black Sea coast. There will be occasional rain showers in some places along the northern coast, mainly in the afternoon. Maximum air temperatures: 19 °C -22 °C. The temperature of the sea water is at 16 °C -21 °C.

Cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds will develop over the mountains, and mainly in the massifs of Western Bulgaria and Stara Planina there will be short-term precipitation with thunder. Maximum temperature at an altitude of 1,200 meters around 19 °C, at 2,000 meters around 11 °C.

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