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Low water level hampers navigation on the Danube

Photo: Svetoslav Tsvetanov, Radio Vidin

The level of the Danube near Ruse is critically low. It is currently minus 55 centimetres. The record low is minus 73 centimetres, measured in 2003, BNT reports. Shipping has virtually stopped and ship owners are suffering losses. The depth of the river near Ruse is currently 7 metres, which is insufficient.

"In order to observe the fluctuations of the water level, a reference cote zero level is taken, from which the measurement starts. The zero level for Ruse is 11.99 cm above sea level," explained Captain Alexander Kamenov. 

A few days ago, ships arrived in Vidin, which have passed through five Danube countries and have not had to stop anywhere because of low water levels, the captain said. But in those countries, the authorities have erected facilities that bring water into the middle of the river when it is low.

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