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A "Container" for culture in an urban environment is born

Photo: Facebook / @studiovoxpopuli

Next to one of the most socially accepted monuments in recent months - that of the Soviet Army in Sofia, a new space for culture in an urban environment has opened. The open box, reminiscent of a television screen, is the answer to the different, independent Bulgarian culture, which is yet to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the art-public relationship. ‎

The place is called "Container" and is the work of the "Vox Populi Documentary Theatre Studio" - a group of like-minded people who, ten years ago, introduced the Bulgarian public to the documentary theatre genre.

"Container" starts from the idea of ​​a theatre that is visible and meets people in their foot traffic - accessible, social, reactive. ‎

"We chose the Monument to the Soviet Army because we are not afraid of the complicated past, because we know that theatre flourishes in a conflict environment and we believe in art as a social gesture, as a humanitarian act, as the purest flag of peace and closeness between the people," say its creators. ‎

The stage pavilion of VOX POPULI is realized with the support of the Capital Municipality and is part of the Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia. The outdoor stage will offer cultural content until the end of October, and its program can be found HERE

Photos: Facebook / @studiovoxpopuli

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