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Teleworking from a caravan by the sea – a dream come true for many Bulgarians

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A workday by the sea, without stress and strain, to the sound of the lapping waves is probably anyone’s dream. As it turns out, it is a dream that has become reality for more and more Bulgarians. The pandemic set down new rules in the world of business. Many Bulgarian employers now offer their staff remote work and this, on its part, is having a favourable effect on industries like tourism and leisure time.

The workation trend has been gaining in popularity this season in Bulgaria. This is confirmed by a survey by Karavani.bg – the biggest camping tourism platform in the country. 71% of the respondents say that their principal motive in combining work and vacation is to recharge their batteries, to escape from everyday routine, to travel and visit different places without having to take time off work.

The platform has registered a considerable increase in the number of bookings until the end of September which means a longer summer season at Bulgaria’s campsites this year.

“Compared to last year, reservations for the month of September have doubled, and we are expecting them to treble compared to 2021,” the platform’s founder Nikolay Nekov says for the Bulgarian news agency BTA. More than 60% of the participants in the survey state that if they could, they would work remotely from the seaside for a period of one month or longer. The most popular caravanning destinations in this country this summer are the campsites along the Southern portion of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, and most of all the ones in the vicinity of Kiten and Lozenets.

One more tendency has been taking shape of late – a growing number of companies opt to send their staff to work and caravan vacation together. This kind of caravan teambuilding is said to have an excellent effect on the work environment and to improve staff efficiency. The staff, on their part, are very appreciative of such a bonus which cements their loyalty for the company. That is why the platform says that they will be offering a new service to forward-thinking companies until the end of this season – a caravan vacation in Bulgaria for their staff and their staff’s families.

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Photos: Pexels, Karavani.bg

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