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University student Amir Alizada: Studying in Bulgaria is a successful page in my life

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For the first time, Amir visited Bulgaria at the age of 4, and today, 14 years later, he is a freshman at the Faculty of Economics at Sofia University "Saint Kliment Ohridski". Why did the young man from Azerbaijan, who graduated with honours from his secondary education, prefer Bulgaria to the opportunities opening up before him to continue his education in Baku or some other country?‎

‎"Bulgaria is my second homeland, because I have Bulgarian roots. Since I was a child, I have heard a lot about the historical homeland of my ancestors. Circumstances came together in such a way that I decided to get an education in Bulgaria. I believe that there are no coincidences in life!", says Amir Alizada in an interview for the Russian department of Radio Bulgaria. 

"The fact that I am in Bulgaria today is "luck", and in Azerbaijani "luck" means "destiny". I have been a university student for two months now and I can certainly say that my expectations of receiving a quality education are justified. I really want to succeed and here there are all the conditions for that."

Amir says that he did not have any difficulties with the application and the subsequent submission of the documents, as well as with the accommodation. He has already found many friends with whom he exchanges information about the important events, sights, traditions and languages of the two countries. ‎

"There are many words that are used both in Azerbaijani and in Bulgarian. This is very interesting! In addition, there are also many mountains in Bulgaria, and my friends and I have already climbed Vitosha several times", says Amir. "In Bulgaria, it is rare to meet a student from Azerbaijan, and that is probably why the Bulgarian students welcomed me with great interest and friendly attitude".

The young man has no problem with understanding the Bulgarian language and this is not accidental:

"My grandmother told me that her great-grandmother always spoke Bulgarian at home, that's why everyone in our family has heard Bulgarian speech since childhood. The Bulgarian language has been preserved in my family, albeit with an Old Bulgarian dialect. When I decided to apply at the University of Sofia, I started going to private lessons", explains Amir. 

"I would like to point out that the Bulgarian language, history, culture and ethnography of Bulgaria are taught at the Baku Slavic University in Azerbaijan. In 2022, an agreement was signed between the Baku Slavic University and Sofia University, and in 2004, the Centre for Bulgarian Language and Culture was established at the Baku Slavic University. Now I continue to study the Bulgarian language at Sofia University." ‎

In front of the Economics Faculty of Sofia University

Amir Alizada admits that he feels at home in Bulgaria, he likes to walk around Sofia at night and hopes to discover many more interesting places in Bulgaria. 

"I will be very happy if there are more students from Azerbaijan in Bulgaria. They will have the opportunity not only to get a good education, but also to get to know this wonderful country and the Bulgarian people more closely", Amir says hopefully and is about to welcome his first unforgettable student holiday among friends. ‎

‎‎"I was lucky enough to become a university student and enter the next stage of my life. I wish all students – current and future – to leave the university after graduation with what we came here for, namely with a wealth of knowledge. Justify the work of teachers and become excellent specialists and professionals! Walk proudly through life and achieve success!" , is the wish of the young man to everyone celebrating the Day of University Students marked in Bulgaria on December 8.‎

Good luck, Amir!

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