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Christians in Bulgaria mark Day of St. Anne - patron of motherhood

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On December 9, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Conception by Righteous Anna of the Holy Mother of God. The holy and righteous Joachim and Anne were childless for many years, despite their righteous and modest life. In many ancient cultures this was considered a punishment from God and a sign of accumulated sins, and this brought grief to Anne and Joachim. They constantly prayed to God for a child. One day, an angel appeared to Anne and informed her that she would give birth to "a daughter most blessed, by whom all the nations of the earth will be blessed, and through whom will come the salvation of the world." Hearing these words, she made a promise that she would dedicate the girl to God. When Mary was at the age of three Sts. Joachim and Anne took her to the temple to be dedicated to the service of the Lord.

According to Bulgarian folk traditions the day is called Aninden or Anyovden and the saint is considered the patroness of pregnant women, of motherhood and children, of marriage and the family, protector of virgins, widows and pregnant women.

Lenten dishes are served on this day because the holiday is marked during the period of Nativity Lent. Everyone with the names Anna, Anka, etc. also celebrate.

We offer you the folk song "Anche le" performed by Kaicho Kamenov - one of the most famous Bulgarian folk singers from the recent past.

Photos: library, Pixabay

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