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Turkey - most preferred partner for Bulgarian business


Germany has lost its former leading position as the most preferred business partner for Bulgarian companies, according to a recent survey by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

The leading position is now held by Turkey, Bulgaria's southern neighbour. However, the difference between the two countries is only 1%. On the top six preferred partners of Bulgarian business are also China, Great Britain, Italy and the USA.

Partnerships in areas such as machines and equipment manufacturing and trade, food and beverage industry, construction, transport and logistics are important for domestic entrepreneurs.

Turkey tops the rankings following the growth in bilateral trade. As of October 2022, exports of Bulgarian goods to Turkey had increased by 34% and imports by 62% compared to the same period in 2021.

In the survey, 70% of the Bulgarian entrepreneurs interviewed said that the deterioration of the geopolitical situation on the Eastern European border had had an impact on their business. 28% said that the war between Russia and Ukraine had not affected their business.

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