Daily webcast

Hello dear friends and welcome to Radio Bulgaria’s daily webcast on Palm Sunday, as Orthodox Christians mark the great moveable feast that falls on the Sunday preceding Easter. This great day commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. In the Bulgarian popular tradition this day is celebrated as Tsvetnitsa or Vrabnitsa. Today Christians go to church and take home willow branches.
On Heartbeat Bulgaria this Sunday:
·  In Arts & Artists, we look ahead at the Askeer theater awards given in May, to discuss a few trends in new Bulgarian dramaturgy;
·  This is followed by our weekend rubric 100 National Tourist Sites, this time presenting mining tourism on the outskirts of the western town of Pernik;
·  In weekly Folk Studio, welcome to a selection of folk songs dedicated to flowers and marking the great feast of Palm Sunday!
Have an enjoyable listen!
The sound file of the daily webcast is available in the course of one week after publishing date here. Users wishing to listen to daily webcasts from a period up to three months back can send their demands to digitalbroadcasting@bnr.bg