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Резултати : author Vladimir Subev

Balance of trade gap widens

Over the first seven months of this year Bulgaria’s imports have exceeded exports by EUR 2.25 billion. That is the gap in the country’s trade balance and it is EUR 170 million wider than it was a year ago. Few countries in the world do not have a..

18.09.14 11:46 |

Modest economic growth and rising budget deficit

Analyses of the current conditions of the Bulgarian economy and forecasts for its development until the end of the year were published these days by several prestigious institutions - the National Statistical Institute, the Bulgarian Development Bank,..

15.09.14 11:22 |

Bulgarian companies place among first 100 in Deloitte’s Top 500

Various charts of companies around the world are important as they provide information about the structure of the economy of a specific country and its place in the world. That is why two rankings published these days attracted the interest of..

12.09.14 14:03 |

¿Por qué pedimos ayuda del Fondo Monetario Internacional?

La crisis política que ha sacudido largos meses este país, encontró su lógica y natural solución al ser disuelto el Parlamento y convocadas elecciones parlamentarias extraordinarias en otoño. Sin embargo, parece que está lejos el desenlace de la..

13.08.14 13:52 |

Un brillant succès de la Bulgarie sur le marché de la dette

En fin de semaine la Bulgarie a placé sur les marchés financiers internationaux des bons du trésor d’une valeur de 1,493 milliard d’euros. Il s’agit en fait d’obligations de l’Etat de dix ans, l’argent de leur vente étant destiné à rembourser en..

29.06.14 09:46 |

E-government with chances to go beyond paperwork stage

A few days ago, the Bulgarian government adopted a strategy for e-government in the country. Under it public administration should enter 21 c. by 2020 and in this way make things easier for the business, the citizens and itself. In practice, this..

15.04.14 10:15 |

Boom in bank earnings: is it genuine or just on paper?

Latest National Bank of Bulgaria data about the financial state of commercial banks in this country indicate that in February this year, banks in Bulgaria had a profit almost 60 percent higher than during the same month of the previous year. It..

07.04.14 12:21 |