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Une compagnie bulgare travaille dans 56 pays sur 7 continents

International Power Supply (IPS) est une compagnie avec plus 30 années d’expérience dans l’élaboration et la construction  de systèmes d’alimentation électrique utilisés dans les télécommunications, l’énergie et la défense, tout comme dans la production..

26.01.17 12:49 |

New technology: both ally and enemy of kids

Kids born after the year 2000 – Generation Z, are growing up in times when virtual reality is just a pair of 3D glasses away and the internet has grown into a necessity and a shadow of everyone. Every coin though has two sides. Apart from the..

05.12.16 11:56 |

Is there a potential for the Bulgarian fashion industry?

Iren Dikova is a young Bulgarian designer and fashion expert. She has graduated interior design from a prestigious university in Milan, Italy and upon her return to Bulgaria she started work on different interior design projects, theatrical..

13.11.16 09:05 |

Le Sofia24run réunit des Sofiotes au grand cœur…

A l’occasion de la journée de la ville de Sofia, le 17 septembre, et alors que les Jeux paralympiques battent son plein à Rio, dans le contexte de la Semaine européenne des sports, la capitale bulgare organise le Sofia 24run , une initiative..

16.09.16 10:07 |

Young Plovdiv resident invites to virtual walk to Museum of Unification

In May this year Simeon Marlokov presented his own project, named a Virtual Walk at the Union of Bulgaria 1885 exposition with Plovdiv’s Regional Museum of History. Simeon has graduated from the Academician Kiril Popov high school of..

06.09.16 09:35 |

Naturally carbonated water flowing from fountain in Bulgaria

Since August 27 naturally carbonated water has been flowing from a fountain in the Bulgarian village of Mihalkovo near Devin. On this occasion we contacted Dimitar Dulguchev - head of a company producing bottled mineral water in the region,..

31.08.16 15:11 |

Cooking can be fun – Culinary children’s academy

The hustle and bustle of everyday life, heaps of responsibilities and lack of money are just some of the reasons why some parents see food as “fast” more than anything else. But they don’t seem to realize they are setting a bad example for..

25.08.16 11:11 |

Game Evolution – unifying traditional and digital sports

Gaming – this is an industry worth USD 3.8 bln., 2015 income to the tune of USD 325 mln., 70% in annual growth and 226 mln. fans, rapidly on the rise. South Korea, considered to be the Mecca of gaming has even turned it into an extracurricular..

17.08.16 14:50 |

La "Game Evolution" concilie sports traditionnels et électroniques

Une industrie qui pèse 3,8 milliards de dollars, des revenus en 2015 à la hauteur de 325 millions de dollars, une croissance annuelle de 70% et une armée de 226 millions d’accros, qui augmente sans cesse – telle est la définition du gaming (jeu vidéo)...

16.08.16 11:33 |

“Green Library” or why spend time in the park, book in hand

For the second consecutive year every Saturday in August, Sofia City Library opens summer reading-areas in the capital's parks. The first such reading-area was open on the 6th August from 10am to 3pm in Sofia's Boris Garden. The second one..

13.08.16 09:05 |