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Healing Pirin Tea now on international markets

Bulgarian Stefan Spasov and his family established a plantationfor Pirin tea nine years ago. It is situated in Southwest Bulgaria, really close to the natural area of the Pirin Mountain, where the plant species can be found – at the foot of the..

19.05.16 14:36 |

#LiFi workshops teach children and youth how to stay safe on the Internet

The city of Pernik near Sofia became the host of an international cultural and educational project with the aim to inform children and teenagers about the opportunities provided by cyberspace, as well as about its positive and negative sides. In..

16.05.16 15:21 |

Initial business-proposed educational programs in Bulgaria

Practically the business-education connection barely exists in this country. The issue has many layers and is an old one. The poor distribution of universities’ state funding leads to inadmissible amortization of their facilities, resulting in the lack..

19.04.16 15:06 |
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Bulgarian cloud service challenges hackers from all over the world for the sum of USD 100,000

Two and a half years ago Tunio Zafer and his team noticed there were serious security and usability breaches in existing cloud services. They decided to develop an alternative to better address users’ needs. Less than three years later pCloud can..

13.04.16 12:13 |

Balkan SEE Link stock exchange platform starts operation

The SEE Link Balkan stock exchange platform, which links the stock markets of Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia started operation on April 1 with the introduction of two indices that include companies from the three countries. Index calculations..

05.04.16 14:28 |

Bulgaria and Slovakia to work together on innovation technologies

Zuzana Piptova-Vrabchev was born in Bratislava, Slovakia, where she graduated the Bulgarian high school. She came to this country under the Erasmus programme and she did some of her SEE surveys with the Sofia University. Zuzana has been living in..

31.03.16 11:46 |

Bulgarian biodegradable toothbrushes keep the environment clean

About a year ago Atanas Arsov and his team decided to start a business of their own on the crest of the bio-wave sweeping over markets abroad and tricking into Bulgaria. They first decided to develop a toothpaste but found their resources to be..

26.03.16 08:35 |

Authentic Bulgarian weddings back in vogue

When a year ago Nevena Zhekova started planning her own wedding, she wanted it to be different by honouring Bulgarian tradition. And while she was engaged in planning it, she came to realize that the experience she had accumulated – education,..

20.03.16 09:05 |

Elena Marinova: Women in Bulgaria are successful in all walks of life

Elena Marinova is president and partner in one of the largest software companies in Bulgaria. She is currently member of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technology (BAIT) and of the Advisory Council in Information..

08.03.16 14:20 |

Bulgarian symbols of spring arranged in an exhibition

Welcoming the spring is an act of hope and optimism for many people across the globe and in Bulgaria it goes with an ancient ritual. On 1 March Bulgarians give to friends and family red and white tassels (martenitsa). The classical martenitsa may also..

01.03.16 12:22 |