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author: Gergana Mancheva

Photo: “Life in Protected Zones and Areas: Challenges, Conflicts, Benefits

A Bulgarian Academy of Sciences ethnographic project traces human-society-nature relations

How do we imagine our life and livelihood next to protected nature areas, and what did these nature reserves look like 100 years ago, before the institutions put any protection measures in place – this is the subject of a scientific study by a team of..

04.10.23 13:44 |

Accordionist Veronika Todorova - on the journey back home and concert life in Bulgaria

An outstanding Bulgarian woman, musician and virtuoso accordion performer has come back home, bringing all her concert activities to her homeland. This is Veronika Todorova, who for nearly 20 years has been building a successful career as a conductor..

01.10.23 09:05 |

Why are grape growers in Bulgaria doomed to bankruptcy?

"Viticulture in Bulgaria is perishing because of your incompetence" - this is what the winegrowers wrote during their protest rally in March in Sofia. Their hope was that the cabinet would then take measures to at least fix the situation in the sector..

27.09.23 14:59 |

Bulgarian authorities receive the two protests - of farmers and miners - ‎with open doors

Two protests announced for the same day (September 19) in Sofia dictated the ‎agenda of the government and also of Bulgarian society since the beginning of ‎this week. Unlike another time, both were not political, but entirely with ‎demands for..

20.09.23 14:49 |

Coal miners and energy workers protest in the centre of Sofia

The new political season has barely dawned yet various protest actions are taking place every day in front of the parliament building. Today, 19 September, miners and energy workers are blocking the centre of Sofia. The protest is organized by the..

19.09.23 15:15 |
Haralampi Tachev (1875-1944) was 25 years old when he designed the coat of arms of Sofia from 1900.

Haralampi Tachev - the artist who knew how to turn Sofia into a beautiful capital

Rich ornamentation, exquisite design and attention to detail are the hallmarks of the facades and interior decoration of the few surviving public buildings built at the turn of the last century. Any resident of Sofia would immediately recognise the..

17.09.23 07:35 |

A message for peace on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast invites reflection

A pigeon with spread wings is the largest sand drawing in the world and it can be seen from bird's eye view on a beach of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, located between Kamchia River and the village of Shkorpilovtsi (about 50 km south..

13.09.23 13:10 |

Travelling exhibition features ancient saltworks in Provadia

The oldest salt production and urban centre in Europe, Provadia-Solnitsata, is open for visitors until the end of September. It is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9.00 am to 13.00 pm. The tour starts every round hour at at 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 11:00..

09.09.23 10:05 |

Sofia hosts Ancient Heritage Festival "Serdica is my Rome"

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia hosts the festival of ancient heritage "Serdica is my Rome" for the third consecutive year. It organized by the Association for Antiquity Reconstruction "MOS MAIORUM ULPIAE SERDICAE". On September 9 and 10, in the Western..

09.09.23 07:30 |

Book reveals new facts about the origin of Bulgarians

A book dedicated to the origin of Bulgarians reveals new facts from the country‘s ancient history. It is authored by historian Todor Chobanov. The book addresses the debate about the origin of the modern Bulgarians, their roots and what do..

09.09.23 05:05 |