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Online shopping is convenient but can also be a trap for naive users

World Consumer Rights Day is marked today. It has been held under the auspices of Consumers International since 1962 and in Bulgaria consumer protection has been a topic since 1991. During these  thirty years, Bulgarians have changed..

15.03.21 16:27 |

A lady from Bulgaria who teaches children in France how to admire and take care of nature

A sunny town in the heart of France, cathedrals with spires and small one-family homes with beautifully arranged gardens, that is what Clermont- Ferrand is like, a town which stole the heart of a Bulgarian lady, a town where she has been living..

09.03.21 14:48 |

Combating obesity is as important as fighting Covid-19

Two in three Bulgarians are overweight. With regard to this tendency, Bulgaria is running ahead of European and world obesity trends, indicate the latest data of the World Health Organization on occasion of the World Obesity Day marked on March 4. More..

04.03.21 14:58 |

Shared heritage with a view to the future

A Festive Alley of Traditional Arts and Crafts is organized on March 3 by Sofia’s Regional Chamber of Crafts in the resort area Bankya. The occasion is Bulgaria’s National Holiday, and the goal is to see how the beautiful artefacts of the..

02.03.21 13:50 |

How to make martenitsas with the folklore embroidery of national costumes

Today is the day on which, here in Bulgaria, we banish winter to make way for spring. And we do it with a symbol we pin onto our clothes – the martenitsa. The roots of the red-and-white health amulet go back to the distant past. The martenitsa is..

01.03.21 05:05 |

How to overcome school bullying - a matter of daily practice

The last Wednesday in February is known as Pink Shirt Day and raises public awareness to the problem of bullying at school. "Bullying is one of the emotional manifestations in the relationship between students, and in school there are many other..

24.02.21 08:05 |

Vasil Levski: a mission and an inspiration

Revolutionary Vasil Levski has long ago become a unifying figure for Bulgarians. Besides his fight for a “pure and sacred republic”, the Apostle of Freedom, as he has come to be known, has left us a legacy of truths in life that actions..

19.02.21 09:00 |
Angelina Samsonova before the Parliament buiding in Pretoria

Angelina Samsonova: We, Bulgarians in Durban dream of having a Bulgarian Sunday school

On the shores of the Indian Ocean, in South Africa, there is a town with a population of three million, a city as vibrant as if it has brought together the entire world in one place. But that is what the whole of the Republic of South..

16.02.21 14:10 |

Poverty, inequality, unemployment - old challenges facing new Europe

Employment is the main topic in the EU when it comes to overcoming the consequences of the economic crisis. Thousands of businesses have remained closed since the beginning of the pandemic and millions of Europeans have lost their jobs, while most..

10.02.21 14:55 |

Trade unionists are pushing for 15% income growth and job retention

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria /CITUB/ has announced the summarized results for the trends in the cost of living in Bulgaria in the 4th quarter of 2020. According to an analysis of the union, one person per household already..

08.02.21 17:59 |