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author: Gergana Mancheva

Bulgaria mourns the victims of the big flood

Today is a national day of mourning in memory of the four people who lost their lives in the big flood along the Southern portion of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast on 5 September. The floodwaters took the lives of four people – two men and two women – one..

08.09.23 14:26 |
Flood damage in Karavelovo.

Karlovo region one year after the great flood of 2022

September 2 marked the one-year anniversary of the devastating floods that struck the Karlovo villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina. Many of the people affected are still unable to return to their homes, which are damp..

04.09.23 14:25 |

Documentary exhibition dedicated to the Unification of Bulgaria tours the country

The Regional History Museum-Plovdiv embarks on a tour in Bulgaria with the exhibition “Preserved Memory of the Unification of 1885 in Bulgarian Museums, Archives, Libraries and Private Collections”. Yambol is the first stop of the exhibition dedicated..

03.09.23 07:30 |

The Blue Danube International Folklore Festival in Vidin gathers folk performers from all over Bulgaria

The town of Vidin (Northwestern Bulgaria) hosts the Blue Danube International Folklore Festival for the fourth consecutive year. The event takes place in the Danube Park and continues until Sunday, September 3. The festival‘s mission is to..

02.09.23 07:10 |

Organic farm in Rozino celebrates its recovery from a natural disaster

One year ago, on September 2, the organic farm in the village of Rozino, which specializes in the production of ice cream from its own dairy products, suffered huge damage after a heavy rainfall that literally flooded houses and wiped away buildings..

02.09.23 06:05 |

Bulgaria, punct de oprire pe traseul celei mai mari regate turistice de canotaj de-a lungul Dunării

Oamenii din orașele situate de-a lungul  Dunării sunt obișnuiți vara să întâmpine  participanții la una dintre cele mai vechi drumeții  turistice de canotaj din lume.  Este vorba despre Tour International Danubien / International Tourist Regatta..

29.08.23 20:37 |

Bulgaria is a stopover in the biggest rowing tourist regatta on the Danube

People from the towns along the River Danube have grown accustomed to seeing the participants in one of the world’s oldest rowing tourist tours - Tour International Danubien  - in summer. The international tourist regatta along the Danube has..

29.08.23 14:12 |

The Tobacco Museum in Ardino presents the traditional livelihood in the Eastern Rhodopes

Once upon a time, the best tobacco in Bulgaria was said to have been produced in the Eastern Rhodopes, in the vicinity of the town of Ardino. This tobacco was of the most aromatic oriental variety and was mainly used for export. It was much sought..

11.08.23 16:58 |

Continuă protestele civile împotriva violenței împotriva femeilor

Astăzi, în cadrul unei sesiuni extraordinare a parlamentului, deputații vor discuta în primă lectură amendamentele la Codul Penal (CC) și la Legea privind protecția împotriva violenței domestice (LPDV). Reamintim că joia trecută, membrii comisiei juridice..

07.08.23 15:00 |

The protests against violence against women continue

At an extraordinary sitting today, the members of parliament will discuss, at first reading, amendments to the Criminal Code and the Protection Against Domestic Violence Act.  Last Thursday, the members of the National Assembly’s Legal Affairs..

07.08.23 11:54 |