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Резултати : author Gergana Mancheva

On Christmas and Bulgarian traditions in the London-based home of Sabina Nedelcheva-Williams

This year, the fear of the coronavirus pandemic has held in its grip people around the world. Even in the multi-million British capital, life is no longer the same, says Bulgarian Sabina Nedelcheva-Williams. She has lived abroad for more than 20 years..

17.12.20 09:10 |

When the bird flies and the horse gallops with the wind, then art is born

Petya Peeva and Plamen Kostov get inspiration from shapes, colors and light and shadows in nature when they draw their paintings. Their works are like an ethereal imprint of animate and inanimate nature on the white canvas. At first glance..

12.12.20 06:00 |

Each household member in Bulgaria needs EUR 320 a month for normal life

Nearly 300,000 jobs have been preserved in Bulgaria since the beginning of 2020 due to measures and schemes negotiated between the social partners between March and October. However, other 103,000 jobs were lost. The people at risk of..

18.11.20 16:02 |
Ambassador Manuel Korcek

Ambassador Manuel Korcek: Bulgaria and Slovakia are not unfamiliar partners

2020 marks the 100 th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia. Regrettably, the coronavirus pandemic has caused the celebration of such memorable events to be cancelled. In..

17.11.20 14:26 |

Why free speech still remains an unfulfilled dream for Bulgarian democracy

In Bulgaria, the date of November 10, 1989 is perceived as the beginning of the transition from Socialism to democracy. Three decades of slow readjustment of Bulgarian society followed. However, the initial joy and hope for a better life..

10.11.20 17:15 |

Foreign students on Bulgaria and academic life here

Even in the year in which thousands of tourist reservations from abroad have been cancelled due to the danger of spreading the coronavirus, Bulgaria still remains an attractive destination for young people who come here to gain knowledge in..

04.11.20 13:05 |

Bulgarian secondary school students are in the world natural sciences elite

“It is only natural for China and India to win gold medals at physics and astrophysics Olympiads, after all 20% of the world’s population lives there, but it is supernatural for small Bulgaria to be right there, next to them...

31.10.20 09:35 |

Bulgarian in Italy creates tales for compatriot children around the world

Bulgarians are adaptive people; they can live and work anywhere in the world. But this does not prevent them from feeling nostalgia for the "lost" homeland and they are always looking for Bulgarian things, whether it is about..

31.10.20 09:05 |

A Bulgarian woman in London tells her story

A growing number of Bulgarians have been leaving Bulgaria to live in other countries – temporarily or for good. Seventeen years ago this was a choice made by poetess Tatyana Daskalova from Rousse. She travelled to Great..

13.10.20 10:53 |

In-person or online – the start of the academic year at universities in Bulgaria

A different academic year is starting at universities in Bulgaria. For the first time applicants applied to universities remotely, and once they were able to tackle the challenges of working in a 100% remote environment, university..

01.10.20 13:53 |