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author: Gergana Mancheva

All things Bulgarian are in sparkling colour in the eyes of the children coming from abroad to spend their summer holidays here

Every year during the summer holidays, children from Bulgarian families living abroad come back to this country. Many of them do not speak Bulgarian and have difficulty understanding the language. Many of the families are multicultural and in them..

02.08.23 16:47 |

A photo exhibition collects the memories of submerged villages in Bulgaria

Many photographs, including those taken from a bird's eye view, of depopulated villages, which served as the terrain for the construction of some of the water reservoirs in Bulgaria, are presented in the "Submerged Heritage" exhibition. It has been..

01.08.23 11:23 |

“Newer time Bulgarians” or how amateur enthusiasts in London interpret classical Bulgarian works on stage

We may not know how many Bulgarians there are living in London, but they must run to tens of thousands because every time the amateur comedy company “The Bulgarians” put on a show, the hall is full. It was founded by enthusiasts, Bulgarian expats,..

25.07.23 13:48 |

Podkrepa and Confederation of Independent TUs in Bulgaria reluctant to support a budget with no incomes policy

The government approved the draft of the state budget for 2023 which has to be endorsed by the National Assembly by the end of July. However, its basic parameters dashed the hopes of any pay raises, particularly in key sectors that are underfinanced...

06.07.23 14:19 |

Karen Alexanyan, the businessman from Armenia who fell in love with Bulgaria’s alphabet, culture and history

At first glance nothing unusual – a foreigner visits Bulgaria, meets his partner here, and decides to stay. That is how, exactly 30 years ago, a businessman from Armenia came to Bulgaria for a week, after which his life took a completely different..

03.07.23 13:43 |

Emigracioni bullgar jashtë Evropës është më shumë se 100 vjeçar, por nuk e ka humbur kujtesën për Atdheun

Ka një vazhdimësi mes emigracionit të vjetër dhe atij të ri bullgar nëpër botë, dhe pavarësisht nëse janë në Afrikë, Amerikë Jugore, Azi apo Amerikën e Veriut, bashkatdhetarët tanë janë konsoliduar rreth shkollave të tyre dhe shoqërive që krijojnë..

01.07.23 12:55 |
Pâinea păcii 2022

Fermierii sunt revoltați - noile recolte se devalorizează din cauza tonelor de cereale din depozite

28 iunie este ziua în care se deschide oficial campania de recoltare pentru anul 2023 în Bulgaria. În mod tradițional, startul este dat pe câmp de unul dintre reprezentanții Asociației Producătorilor de Cereale dintr-o regiune diferită.  În acest an,..

27.06.23 16:30 |
Bread of Peace 2022

The harvest campaign in Bulgaria starts amids farmers’ discontent

June 28 is the day on which the harvest campaign for 2023 in Bulgaria officially opens. Traditionally, the start is given in the fields of one of the representatives of the Association of Grain Producers from a different region.  This year the..

27.06.23 13:49 |

TUs demand decent pay for people employed in the budgetary sphere

Bulgaria remains the country of the EU with the lowest incomes, and this problem was actually made worse by the series of crises – first the pandemic, then Russia’s war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, and all this crystallizing into a “cost of living..

23.06.23 13:57 |

Este timpul pentru Festivalul de cireșe în Kyustendil

La sfârșitul lunii iunie se coc cele mai bune cireșe din țară și toată lumea știe că cele mai dulci sunt cireșele din regiunea Kyustendil, cunoscută ca Livada Bulgariei. Acolo se organizează în fiecare an Festivalul Cireșelor. De fapt, este o continuare..

22.06.23 15:15 |