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author: Gergana Mancheva

National Museum of History celebrates its 50th anniversary

The National Museum of History celebrates its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, a special exhibition entitled "50 by 50" was unveiled in the presence of Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Iotova and many official guests. The exhibition..

14.05.23 12:09 |

Sheep breeders celebrate St. George's Day at Petropavlovsk Monastery

A hot topic for thousands of farmers in Bulgaria is uniting in a common Agrarian Chamber. The benefit of this will be that together farmers will be able to work in partnership with the state to solve their problems and also have representation..

05.05.23 17:24 |

The silver cross from Poibrene was carried by the heroes on the way to the Bulgarian Golgotha in 1876

There is a shrine from Bulgaria's heroic past, before which every Bulgarian should stand with faith and bow with respect, as our ancestors who participated in the April Uprising did. The silver cross from the village of Poibrene located in the..

01.05.23 09:55 |

On Labour Day there are few reasons for optimism in Bulgaria

May 1 has been marked in Bulgaria as Labour Day since 1945, and after the democratic changes in the country in 1989, trade unions have been playing an increasingly important role – raising awareness of workers’ rights and the most pressing problems..

01.05.23 07:05 |

An increase in the number of people injured at work has been reported in ‎Bulgaria

The National Insurance Institute reported more work-related accidents in ‎Bulgaria in the first quarter of the year. Incidents increased by 6.5% compared to ‎the same period last year . Throughout 2022, 2,141 occupational accidents ‎occurred at the..

28.04.23 12:45 |

To the Bulgarian children in Ireland Vasil Levski is a superhero

Over the past 20 years more and more Bulgarians have been living and working in Ireland, but not just in the capital, some are in Shannon, in the Western part of the country. The wave of expats from Bulgaria going to Shannon was in 1991 and in 2001...

20.04.23 07:10 |

Easter comes with the aroma of kozunak from “Granny’s recipes”

As Easter approaches fast, the traditional contest for children’s drawings “Granny’s recipes” is once again highlighting gastronomical gems discovered by children from all over Bulgaria and sent to the contest organizer Chef Penyo Ivanov and the..

13.04.23 13:01 |

Muzeul Umorului și al Satirei din Gabrovo își sărbătorește azi aniversarea de 51 de ani

Este din nou 1 aprilie - Ziua Internațională a Glumelor, cum zic bulgarii, iar cu această ocazie Muzeul Umorului și Satirei din Gabrovo și-a deschis larg porțile pentru a-și sărbători ziua de naștere, alături de sute de invitați și fani ai umorului și..

01.04.23 15:57 |
Plamen Dimitrov

Public anger over prices may turn to disapproval voting at 2 April election, CITUB president says

Officially, the total inflation in Bulgaria for the past two years stands at over 28%, and it has impacted every household in Bulgaria. Against the backdrop of this figure, the trade unions in the country are demanding that all people, whose salaries..

28.03.23 11:10 |

Journalist Nikolay Atanasov and his golden years at Radio Bulgaria

The night show of the BNR’s Horizont channel, the talk show Niki and Friends, Sunday Club Horizont are just some of the nationally aired radio shows the name of journalist and anchor Nikolay Atanasov has been associated with in his long..

23.03.23 11:39 |