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Good captains are only proven in a stormy sea

Even in times of extraordinary measures against a threat that puts people away from each other, a true creative personality would not stay home, but would rather open their senses even more to explore the surrounding world. Thus, "at a fast..

31.03.20 15:46 |

Speleologist Atanas Rusev: We must be united in order to overcome the crisis when it knocks on our door

The town of Pernik (southwest Bulgaria) has been under a water regime since November 18, 2019. According to the latest schedule, water supply has been restricted to ten hours a day. The water level of Studena dam which supplies the..

25.03.20 09:55 |

Antique Tuida fortress in Sliven is in harmony with rhythm of life and needs of modern society

“On the way to the sea we spent a wonderful day in Sliven, known as the city of the hundred voivodes. One of the most interesting places we visited there was the late antique and medieval fortress Touida."- this is probably how a tourist would..

24.03.20 09:45 |

Dark caves awaken love and curiosity for secrets of nature

Caves used to bethe shelter and first home of the “cavemen” who inhabited the present-day lands of Bulgaria thousands of years ago. To this day, rock formations are important for science and progress of mankind. In the caves, new deposits of..

18.03.20 09:00 |

El ejemplo de los búlgaros que se graduaron en el extranjero y cosechan éxitos en la patria insufla esperanza y optimismo

Competir con uno mismo es un objetivo mayor que competir con los demás, esta es la fórmula de desarrollo a la cual se atienen los funcionarios en muchas compañías mundiales que tienen representaciones en Bulgaria. Subir la escalera en el mundo..

17.03.20 11:27 |

Virtual guide takes tourists to Hisarya Archaeological Museum

Hisarya is a year-round resort thanks to its climate, mineral springs and archeological sites, which are very well preserved. Here you can see the best preserved fortress wall in Europe and Roman baths, where mineral water is still flowing..

15.03.20 08:35 |

Guía virtual encamina a los turistas hacia el Museo Arqueológico de Hisarya

La ciudad de Hisarya es un centro turístico que se puede visitar durante todo el año. Esto se debe al buen clima, las fuentes curativas de agua mineral y los lugares de interés arqueológico que están muy bien conservados. Aquí se puede ver la muralla..

12.03.20 14:48 |

Example of Bulgarians who have graduated abroad and succeeded in Bulgaria gives hope and optimism

Competing with yourself is a bigger goal than competing with everyone else - this is the development formula employees in many global companies that have offices in Bulgaria follow. Growing up in business but at the same time being responsible..

12.03.20 13:42 |

Los ideales de Levski de la ilustración popular echaron los sólidos cimientos de una casa de lectura búlgara

Una de las más importantes instituciones en la vida de las personas del pequeño pueblo de Strelcha es su casa de lectura. Fundada en 1871, está entre las primeras entidades de cultura e ilustración que aparecieron en Bulgaria antes de la..

23.02.20 08:00 |

February 19 – Day of commemoration for Bulgaria’s Apostle of Freedom

February 19 is the date on which we bow our heads down and remain silent for a minute to pay respect to the glorious cause and commemorate the heroic demise of one of the greatest guardians of Bulgarian freedom – Vasil Ivanov Kunchev - Levski...

19.02.20 15:52 |