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Atanas Skatov

Bulgarian mountaineer Skatov has conquered his tenth eight-thousander

Mountaineer Atanas Skatov has successfully climbed Dhaulagiri Peak in the Himalayas. The peak is 8127 meters high and is the tenth eight-thousander conquered by Skatov. Earlier this year he climbed three more of the highest peaks on the planet -..

03.10.19 15:00 |

Atanas Skatov conquers Gasherbrum II peak

Bulgarian climber Atanas Skatov climbed Gasherbrum II peak (8,035 m.) in Karakorum Mountain, Pakistan. This is the ninth eight-thousander conquered by the 41-year old Bulgarian climber, and his third for this season. On 15 May he climbed the..

18.07.19 09:53 |

Bulgarian climber Ivan Tomov scales Mt. Lhotse

Bulgarian climber Ivan Tomov scaled the fourth highest peak in the world – Lhotse (8516 m.) at 9.40 local time with Russian climber Nastya Runova, and without additional oxygen or help from Sherpas. At the end of September 2017 Tomov climbed..

16.05.19 16:24 |

Alpine climber Atanas Skatov on vicissitudes and choices in life

Atanas Skatov who climbed the sixth highest peak on the planet Cho Oyu ( 8201 m) without supplemental oxygen has received the Golden Bulgaria badge for Best Athlete of May In 2017, following a solo climbing of the highest peak in North..

23.06.18 10:30 |

A day in pictures

Today, around 06.00 hours local time, alpinist Atanas Skatov climbed for the second time on Mount Everest from the southern edge. His first climbing was on May 24, 2014, reaching the peak from the Northern side of the Himalayas (Tibet). No..

22.05.17 10:56 |

Daily webcast

 Welcome to Radio Bulgaria’s daily webcast Heartbeat Bulgaria! The stories this Monday: ·   The Bulgarian Orthodox Church jumps into the environmental issue by growing organic tomatoes of the highest quality ·..

20.06.16 13:36 |

Vegan Atanas Skatov steps on Annapurna and Makalu

Atanas Skatov has returned for a couple of weeks to Bulgaria. He comes from the Himalayas where in the course of 78 days he took part in 3 expeditions to the peaks of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Makalu, all over 8,000 m high, managing to climb up..

20.06.16 12:10 |

Bulgarian climber Boyan Petrov conquers planet's 5th highest peak Makalu

Bulgarian climber Boyan Petrov is halfway to reaching his goal to climb all 14 eight-thousanders on Earth after he conquered Mount Makalu (8481 m), the 5th highest peak in the world. Petrov climbed the peak together with Bulgarian climber Atanas Skatov, it..

24.05.16 00:03 |

Daily webcast

The stories this Tuesday: . A new beginning in Strasbourg today and its Bulgarian projects. . Also, a festival of Bulgaria’s iconic yoghurt took place last week in the town of Tran – more about the goals of..

01.07.14 13:58 |

After Mount Everest Atanas Skatov’s next goal is K2

Often one dreams of reaching their goals and climbing the highest peaks but obstacles break their wings before they manage to use them. 36-year-old Atanas Skatov is not one of these people. He dared crush the barriers we place in front of us and..

01.07.14 13:24 |