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A growing number of Bulgarians and guests from abroad combine the exploration of Bulgarian nature with adrenaline-yielding challenges.

Adrenaline amidst Bulgarian nature

During weekends and vacations people try to organize their time in a way to shake off tiredness and stress and get recharged with positive energy. Hikes in the open, communion with nature and visits to small villages hugging in the folds of the mountains..

published on 11/27/09 11:44 AM

Cultural tourism in Plovdiv

The City of Plovdiv, the second-largest in Bulgaria, is a most adequate choice for a starting point of cultural tourism in this country. Plovdiv people proudly call it an ancient and eternal city, Bulgaria’s cultural capital. The most famous place to..

published on 11/23/09 2:59 PM
A view of Kabile - the ruins of an ancient Thracian royal city.

Cultural tourism in Yambol

Bulgaria has tens of thousands cultural and historical monuments from different periods. They are part of the world heritage. Regrettably this valuable heritage is not in the limelight of the noisy advertising campaigns, which seem to prefer Bulgaria’s..

published on 11/17/09 12:39 PM
Time seems to have stopped for Dolno Lukovo.

The village of Dolno Lukovo – a journey to the past

Far to the south, almost at the border with Greece, hidden in the folds of the Eastern Rhodope Range spreads a small but wonderful village. You can seldom see anyone in the dozing streets and yet local people seem to truly enjoy the visit of anyone coming..

published on 11/13/09 9:58 AM

Berkovitsa: rich in nature and ancient history

The small town of Berkovitsa is one of the places in Bulgaria where one can feel history in the air but also the idyllic calm of life close to Nature. The place is related for many Bulgarians to the name of great Bulgarian writer Yordan Radichkov. Very many..

published on 11/13/09 9:28 AM

Bulgaria will be divided in 13 cultural and historic regions

After years of debates and joint efforts on the part of experts the strategic plan for the development of cultural tourism in Bulgaria is now a fact. The document the government endorsed envisages the division of the country into tourist zones and..

published on 10/16/09 8:07 AM

Elena – the Revival spirit

Once upon a time, among the forests of the Balkan Range a path meandered all wrapped up in greenery, connecting the scattered settlements along the Northern slopes of the mountain. A wedding procession passed once along that path withy newly wed Elena and..

published on 10/9/09 9:01 AM

Guide to hospitality and adventures in Bulgaria

Photos: Veneta Nikolova and BAAT http://www.baatbg.org/ The opportunity to rest amid the beauties of nature, far from the frequently used tourist paths tempts more and more travel lovers from Bulgaria and abroad. They enjoy visiting the guesthouses,..

published on 10/8/09 3:56 PM

Hiking in Lyulin Mount

By tradition every Saturday and Sunday many citizens of the capital Sofia head for a walk in their favorite Vitosha Mountain. There are also people who prefer less frequented localities where they can enjoy not only the physical exercise of mountain..

published on 10/8/09 3:56 PM

New hiking trails in Belasitsa National Park

Photos: Darina Grigorova Belasitsa is one of very few mountains in Bulgaria which has fully retained its pristine nature. This owes to the fact that until recently it fell into the so-called border-zone area which was kept strictly inaccessible. It..

published on 10/8/09 3:56 PM