Saint Nicholas Day in Bulgarian folk songs and legends

Whenever December comes, it feels that holidays become more numerous than working days here in Bulgaria. Regardless of the stressful pile of urgent tasks typical for the period before Christmas, the “wave”..

Pediatric care – problematic unit in Bulgaria’s healthcare

Hundreds of stigmatizing comments made in the recent weeks and most of all the lack of trust and respect for the most humane profession in the healthcare field-the pediatrics, provoked the interview with..

Banker Teodora Petkova: In order to be successful manager, one needs good team and listening skills

The day of Saint Nicholas, the Wonderworker /December 6, 2007/ is also the professional holiday of bankers. According to legends, before being canonized, the saint lived as a moneylender and helped the..

Legendary actress of Bulgarian theatre and screen Stoyanka Mutafova passes away aged 97

This morning, the Bulgarian theatre and cinema bid farewell to the iconic actress Stoyanka Mutafova who passed away at the age of 97. She was under hospital treatment in recent weeks after having gallbladder..