Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 151

255 new Covid-19 cases over past 24 hours, 11 new fatalities

255 new Covid-19 cases have been registered in Bulgaria over the past 24 hours or 4.79% out of 5,325 PCR tests performed, according to official single information portal data. This brings the number of coronavirus cases since the start of the epidemic up to 12,414, of them 5,035 are active. 847 patients are in hospital, 41 in intensive care.

11 have died over the past 24 hours, bringing the Covid-19 death toll up to 415.

280 have recovered, bringing the total number of recoveries since the start of the pandemic up to 6,964.

The Bulgarian protein vaccine being developed is against a large number of coronaviruses

“The Bulgarian protein vaccine with oligopeptides  being developed is targeted against Covid-19 but also against a large number of coronaviruses,” said Assoc. Prof. Penka Petrova,” director of the Institute of Microbiology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for the BNR.

“The vaccine is encapsulated in lipid nano-particles. Together with the French institute Pasteur researchers are testing whether the idea works because it could pave the way to a major development of vaccines in the future. The Bulgarian anti-Covid-19 vaccine is very innovative, and besides the Pasteur institute, there are other parties from abroad interested in it as well. Bulgarian-Chinese financing will be sought for the clinical testing and possible manufacture of the vaccine, via the “Scientific research” fund,” Assoc. Prof. Pethova said.

Businesses are freezing investment projects: Chamber of Commerce and Industry President

 “Businesses are freezing investment projects,” said Tsvetan Simeonov, President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the BNR.

“Productions have already shrunk, and there will be layoffs. The 60/40 measure did not have the best effect. It turned out that those who are working receive 100% of their salaries while those who are not working – they too receive 100% of their salaries. In the conditions of political instability, businesses are also worried about the implementation of the measures of support in the economy. What businesses fear are the numerous reports of corruption practices in Bulgaria. The companies which have already made investments have overcome this corruption barrier, but for others it is a source of stress and concern,” Tsvetan Simeonov said.

30% higher salaries for front-line public administration employees over Covid-19

The government has approved a 30% increase in the salaries of public administration employees who work on the front lines in the fight against Covid-19, as well as for those who work in direct contact with other people.

Part of the funds goes to the Ministry of Health and state and municipal hospitals. Another part goes to employees of the Ministries of Economy, Agriculture, Transport, Justice, Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Interior. Funds will also be received by the Ministry of Finance, which will motivate people on the "front line" of the National Revenue Agency and the Customs Agency.

Bulgaria to apply for 500 mln euro loan under SURE

The Bulgarian government has approved a draft request for financial support of BGN 1 billion (over EUR 500 million). The request will be addressed to the European Commission under the SURE instrument for mitigating the risks of unemployment. The financial assistance is in the form of a loan.

The funds are sought in support of measures against the negative socio-economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis. They will be used to maintain the employment of about 250,000 workers by the end of this year and improve the stability of the unemployment benefit system, BNR reports.

Football matches to be postponed in event of 10 players with Covid-19

From the beginning of the new championship in the First and Second Professional Football Leagues in Bulgaria on August 7, football matches will be postponed in the event of 10 positive tests for Covid-19 in one of the teams participating in the respective football match. This is provided by the rules of action in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, announced by the Bulgarian Football Union.

The championship will be suspended if there are 10 positive samples for Covid-19 in at least 5 clubs from the First Professional League or 7 clubs from the Second Professional League.

Owners of tourist accommodation in Nessebar on protest over hotel for tourists with Covid-19

Owners of properties and guest houses in the Black Sea town of Nessebar have gone on protest, disagreeing with the designation of the local hotel "Del Mar" to be used for isolating tourists with coronavirus. They protested in front of the District Administration in Burgas, after which they submitted a protest petition. According to the dissatisfied, the hotel is located in a busy tourist area and poses a risk of spreading the virus, BNR correspondent in Burgas Daniela Kostadinova reports.

The Ministry of Tourism has announced that they will look for a new place to isolate sick tourists.

Compiled by Gergana Mancheva and Radio Bulgaria's News Team

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