Tensions mark the 28th day of anti-government protests in Bulgaria

Participants in the 28th evening anti-government protest are already gathering in Sofia. Today, at a national conference of the ruling GERB party, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov announced that he was ready to resign, but he disagreed with early elections. The protesters are adamant that they will insist on their demands - the resignation of the government and the chief prosecutor as well as the introduction of machine voting.
Police are checking numerous signals for disturbing public order during a protest in front of Sofia Tech Park, where the GERB conference was held.

Meanwhile, a storm in the capital swept away part of the tent camp of protesting mothers of children with disabilities in front of Sofia University from "The System is Killing Us" initiative. The camp was rebuilt by volunteers. The blockade there and at two other intersections in Sofia remains, BNR reports.

To date, 4 of the protesters are on hunger strike. One of them was taken to hospital after his condition worsened. He was examined but refused hospital treatment.

Protests continue in other cities of the country, too. For the sixth consecutive day, protesters have made a tent camp at the road to Stara Zagora airport.
The tent camp at the junction in front of the municipality in the Black Sea city of Varna also remains. 
A protest action is being prepared for this evening in Ruse as well.

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