Wearing one and the same mask in school is dangerous: allergologist

Wearing one and the same mask throughout the whole day in school is dangerous, allergologist Dr. Tihomir Mustakov warned. During the 19th medical forum organized by “Media, Society, Family and Traditions” Foundation, the medic advised children to avoid congestions during breaks and go outside more often.

Pupils spend approximately eight hours or sometimes even more at school. Children may get other type of infection if they wear one and the same mask throughout the whole day. Moreover, the mask loses its protective effect if a Covid-19 virus sticks on its surface.

The use of face masks must be strictly regulated- pupils should know when they should take their masks off and where to keep them if they want to use them again, because masks may have adverse effect if put on the desk, fall on the floor, or used by another child, Dr. Tihomir Mustakov said further.