Newly infected with coronavirus are less than 3% after 2,915 tests

The new cases of Covid-19 established during the past 24 hours are 86, according to data of the Single Information Portal. 2,915 tests have been performed, out of which 2.95% were positive. The highest number of newly-infected people is in Varna district - 19, followed by the capital city of Sofia with 12 cases and Blagoevgrad - 11. In 6 districts no new cases have been registered.

Out of a total of 18,819 registered cases since the beginning of the pandemic, 4,506 are currently active. 723 people are in hospital. 37 of them are accommodated in intensive care wards. 48 patients recovered in the past 24 hours. With them, the number of those who overcame the infection has already reached 13,585. Two people passed away and the total number of victims has now reached 755.