Covid-19 situation will be monitored individually for each school

From now on, the Covid-19 situation will be monitored individually for each school, Deputy Minister of Education Tanya Mihaylova has told the BNR. At this stage attendance classes continue.

"We have been monitoring the processes throughout the country. Some of the announced cases currently refer to people who have not yet been to school, which means the infection occurred before the start of the school year," the Deputy Minister said.

There are currently 19 quarantined classes, 26 students have tested positive and some of them were not present on the first day of school. Some of the classes where there are students with a positive test, who have not been to school, were not quarantined.

Quarantine is determined by the regional health inspectorates and according to the situation. About 500 students and 40 teachers are currently under quarantine. Just over 500 students have expressed a desire for distance learning. Collecting money from parents for disinfectants is inadmissible, Mihaylova added.